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1. If my reservation is confirmed, will there be someone waiting for us at the train station in Machu Picchu ? and how will we recognize them ?

Upon your arrival in Machu Picchu, we will be waiting for you at the train station. Our employee will be holding up a Terrazas del Inca sign with your name written on it. The person waiting for you will have on our uniform and be carrying our hotel’s identification.

2. Are there taxis available to take us over to the hotel, and later ,take us up the hill to Machu Picchu?

In the whole town there is not one car or taxi. So you have to be prepared to walk. But we will carry your bags for you, and it is only a 5 minute walk to Terrazas del Inca B&B. To get to the Machu Picchu Archeological Complex, you can take a bus that goes up the zig-zag rmountain road for 25 minutes. If you prefer to walk up to the beautiful site of the Sanctuary, it will probably take you about an hour and 40 minutes.

3. Can I pay when I check in ? Can I pay with my credit card ? Can I pay in dollars or in Peruvian soles ?

The preferred method of payment is cash. We accept U.S. dollars or Peruvian soles. You can also pay using your major credit card, but we have to add a 4% surcharge to all credit card transactions.

4. If I am a non-Peruvian, do I have to pay taxes ?

All foreigners are exonerated and do not have to pay taxes. But the price is the same as stated in our web site.

5. Are the reservations that I make on the internet 100% secure?


6. Can I bring in food and have a picnic lunch up on the ruins of Machu Picchu?

You are NOT allowed to bring food or have a picnic at the Machu Picchu ruins. But you are permitted to carry a 20 quart backpack in which you can have water, sandwiches, and snacks. If you ask the night before, our cafeteria will be happy to prepare delicious, homemade sandwiches for you.

7. How can I purchase my entry tickets in Machu Picchu ? How can I buy tickets to climb Huayna Picchu ? Why are the amount of entry tickets limited ?

One of our services is to make reservations and later purchase you entry tickets into the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu. We can also provide you with a guide if you would like to have a guided tour of the ruins. The number of entry tickets sold per day is limited in order to protect the Sanctuary. Please let us know if you desire any of these services at the moment that you make your reservation.

8. When I check out, can I still store my suitcase or backpack with you? Do you have a safety deposit box where I can store my laptop?

Sure. When you check out, you can leave your suitcase or backpack at the front desk. We have a secure storage room where it will be safe. Valuable goods like jewelry, credit cards, laptops, or cash can be registered and placed in our safety deposit box.

9. Can I get to know Machu Picchu and the surrounding area in just one day ?

No. It would be best to visit the ruins one day, and then go to see the surrounding jungle the following day. In the opposite direction from the ruins are the waterfalls and gardens of Mandor. From Terrazas del Inca, they are about a 40 minute walk along the railroad tracks. The Mandor waterfalls are very beautiful. They are almost 50 feet high. The spot is lush and peaceful. Only a ten minute walk from Terrazas del Inca are the famous hot springs. Morning is the best time for a relaxing soak.

10. When I have finished touring Machu Picchu and have already checked out, can I return to Terrazas del Inca for a hot shower ? Does this cost extra? Can I wait in the lobby or the common area until my train back to Cusco is ready to leave ?

We always have a hot shower ready for you. After you check out, there will be a small additional charge. And of course you can wait in the lobby or on our grounds until your train is ready to depart. Free coca tea is available. And if you would like a sandwich, a light snack, coffee, expresso,or capuchino, just ask for the menu.

We hope that these questions and answers have helped you out, and we hope that you come visit us soon, and have a wonderful time with your family in Machu Picchu.

Promocion 20% de descuento

en estadias desde el 14 de junio al 14 de julio